How to Keep your Private Keys Safe

How to Keep your Private Keys Safe

In the DNA at-home marketplace, data privacy and anonymity is becoming increasingly more of an underlying concern for the public. At Genome Buddy, we’ve made it our mission to provide users the most secure health data platform for their DNA results. Your DNA security matters to us. That is why we developed our platform based on blockchain, using private keys to ensure your DNA information is 100% owned by you and only you.

What are private keys and why are they important?

Private keys (or recovery seeds) are a unique set of 12-words that guarantees the user ownership of their data. Think of your private keys as the password that acts as a digital signature to enter your account and DNA information. Without this solution, the DNA company involved is able to use your information as they please aka sell your information for big bucks.

Where should you store your private keys?

Although taking a screenshot of your keys may provide some security, especially with all of us being glued to our phones in this digital age, there is still no assurance you won’t lose it. The best alternative to backing up your account is to write down the 12-words in order that they appear on a piece of paper. In this way, you store them securely offline and keep them safely stored within your desk or bedside table.

What happens if you lose your keys?

We strongly encourage you to have multiple outlets of storage for this reason, because if your private keys go missing, it will be impossible to get log back into your account. In other words, if you lose these keys, your information is lost forever.