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We live in a time and place where data is the new oil. People can become more self-aware and perform better. Organizations can innovate better having more information about genomics and behavior attributes. 

The human genome happens to be the blueprint of our civilization. We believe people's genomes should be guarded and protected and have developed a platform where research can occur without compromising privacy. 

Launch a Sponsored Genomics Program

Genome Buddy is a Bowhead Health brand and was designed as a consumer facing product for people interested in learning about their genomics without giving up their privacy. 

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We have received a lot of interest from research organizations to leverage the Genome Buddy's genomics platform and the mobile apps we have developed.

All DNA data is encrypted in transit and at rest, samples are destroyed after a 90 day period and people can provide consent to participate in research studies.

Our team has over 20 years of designing programs for clinical studies and research programs in Canada, US and Europe. For example, Bowhead Health advisor, Jeff Bruce PhD is a senior researcher at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, one of the largest cancer research centers in the world where genomics plays a big role.

We want to help power the genomics research of tomorrow without compromising people's privacy of the world's most important information - their health data. 

Genome Buddy can design custom programs tailored for your upcoming program including:

  • Whole Genome Sequencing 
  • Pharmacogenomics
  • Epigenetics
  • Microbiome

Genome Buddy understands that these solutions are not one size fits all. We can leverage our existing CLIA-regulated partner lab or work with your own lab network to execute a successful program. Contact us today at

DNA Testing for Healthcare Practitioners

Personalization is the future of healthcare. Using Genome Buddy, your patients or clients can learn about specific genetic risk factors that might be stopping them from living their best lives. With this new information, you can better tailor treatments and plans to the needs of your patients. If you’re a holistic practitioner, you can make recommendations for specific foods and quantities of those foods, as well as nutritional supplements, to help your clients course correct and overcome their genetic limitations. The more you know, the more personalized your protocol! Everybody wins.

Beneficial SNPs

  • Multiple mutations: Obesity-related gene
  • APOA2: Saturated fat to Obesity
  • APOA5: High Fat Diet
  • MTHFR: Folate Diet
  • ESR2: Phytoestrogen Diet
  • DRD2: Alcohol Dependence
  • PPARG: Fat Metabolism
  • HLA-DQA1: Gluten intolerance (Celiac disease)
  • APOA2: Saturated Fat Consumption and Its Relation to Obesity
  • APOA5: High Fat Diets' Impact on Heart Attack 
  • FFAR4: Vitamin A
  • NBPF3: Vitamin B6
  • FUT2: Vitamin B12
  • SLC23A1: Vitamin C
  • GC: Vitamin D
  • CYP4F: Vitamin E
  • FADS1: Omega-3 & 6
  • CASR: Calcium
  • & more

DNA Testing for Athletes

Yes, it’s possible to use your DNA to further tweak your fitness game. As an athlete or gym goer, Genome Buddy will share the following traits with you: injury predisposition, response to exercise, endurance vs strength response, muscle power and exercise recovery response. With this new information, you or your trainer can modify your current fitness plan or at minimum, reflect on which traits make sense given your health and fitness history. As a gym or fitness center, promoting Genome Buddy tells your customers you care about their long term health, as well as the protection of their personal health information.

Beneficial SNPs

  • ACTN3: Muscle Power
  • INSIG2: Strength Training
  • PPAR: Endurance Training
  • LPL: Endurance Training
  • LIP: Endurance Training
  • PPARGC1A: Aerobic Capacity (VO2Max)
  • CRP: Aerobic Capacity (VO2Max)
  • ADRB3: Response to Exercise
  • FTO: Response to Exercise
  • MMP3: Achilles Tendinopathy
  • EDN1: Blood Pressure Response to Exercise
  • PPARD: HDL Cholesterol Response to Exercise
  • LPL: Loss of Body Fat Response to Exercise
  • LIPC: Insulin Sensitivity Response to Exercise
  • FTO: Weight Loss Response to Exercise
  • CCL2: Exercise Induced Ischemia
  • IL6: Exercise Recovery Time

DNA Testing for Companies

Employee productivity is linked to wellbeing - that we know. With Genome Buddy, you can help your employees build and secure their digital health profiles, which conveys care and trust. You can also add our encrypted DNA test to your employee wellness program and support your employees in using the new information to further personalize their health and fitness programs.

Beneficial SNPs

  • Intergenic: Coffee (Caffeine) Metabolism
  • MTHFR: Vitamin B9 / Folic Acid
  • NBPF3: Vitamin B6
  • MTHFR: Vitamin B2/ Riboflavin
  • FUT2: Vitamin B12
  • SLC23A1: Vitamin C
  • GC: Vitamin D
  • CYP4F: Vitamin E
  • FADS1: Omega-3 & 6
  • CASR: Calcium
  • PPARG: Fat Metabolism
  • & more

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