GenomeBuddyDNA Privacy Policy

Your privacy is very important to our team at GenomeBuddy and something that we continuously intend to improve. The 12 words are your backup keys to access your account. If you lose your 12 words, we are unable to decrypt your information. Store them safely!

At GenomeBuddy, your genetic results are encrypted and your personal information is never shared with third parties unless you explicitly request the information to be shared.

Many services hide the sale and sharing of your private DNA information in the terms of use or privacy statement but at GenomeBuddy unless you expressly consent your information will not be shared or stored for longer periods of time than defined in this policy.

Our Privacy Policy covers the website, application, services and products linked to GenomeBuddy (“The Services”). This Privacy policy is designed to help you understand how your information is collected, stored and used throughout the procurement of services in an easy to read way. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask

Granting Consent to GenomeBuddy

Creating an account at and ordering a test kit at GenomeBuddy means you agree to the GenomeBuddy Terms of Service and this Privacy Statement. When you click on “I agree to Terms of Service and Privacy Policy” it means you allow GenomeBuddy the use of your information to create an order.

The creation of an order implies sending your name and shipping information to our partner federally regulated CLIA-certified laboratory (“Processing Lab”) in San Diego, CA with your information. GenomeBuddy and the Processing Lab have an executed agreement that no user information, derived data from user information or anonymized information will be stored for more than 90 days unless the user provides explicit consent.

If you received the kit as a gift and you are registering the kit you also agree to the “Terms of Service and Privacy Policy”.

Personal Information on GenomeBuddy

GenomeBuddy Account Information

To purchase or register a GenomeBuddy kit we collect your name, shipping details, phone number, billing and credit card information and email, in order to process your order. Your credit card information is processed via Shopify Payments and your shipping details are stored on Shopify’s servers in order to complete your order and keep you updated on your package’s tracking information.

GenomeBuddy Profile Information

Your profile information such as age, sex, weight, height is encrypted using AES-256 algorithm. GenomeBuddy staff nor the Processing lab can see the unencrypted age, sex, weight and height details.

GenomeBuddy DNA Sample

Our Processing Lab certifies that it will not hold a DNA sample for longer than 90 days after it has been processed unless a user would like for longer storage or more DNA tests.

GenomeBuddy DNA Results

Your DNA results are encrypted with an AES-256 algorithm and you must write down, store and backup your 12 word recovery key. If you lose this key we will not be able to recover your account since we do not have access to the decryption keys or use account recovery via email for your own security.

The encrypted information is stored on Amazon Web Services instances.

Website Usage

GenomeBuddy uses Shopify’s platform as well as cookies to improve and better fulfill and target its offerings to its users. This includes improving pricing, products and security. We use Google Analytics which informs us on your browser type, operating system, ISP. This can include the collection of IP addresses, log files and web tracking technology that can monitor things such as page visits, duration and other browser/device information.  

You may adjust your settings

Customer Service

We use ProtonMail encrypted email which is based in Switzerland and we use to provide instant messaging via customer support.

The emails are stored on ProtonMail’s servers in Switzerland and online chats are stored on’s servers. We frequently review these chats and emails in order to improve our services, respond to your questions or monitor, notify you of any issues.

How your submitted GenomeBuddy information is used

GenomeBuddy uses the information you submit to fulfill your order. Beginning with your account and shipping details in order to deliver the testing kit, following then a tracking notification once your package is received by the lab, a notification once your information is stored.

Your account is linked to a number ID which is used to register the kit. Your 12 word recovery seed is a very important step during the processing of your information. Only those 12 words can decrypt the genetic information that was provided from the Processing Lab.

We also use your information and any additional information you provide to improve our services. This could include satisfaction surveys, invite a friend or affiliate referral codes.

GenomeBuddy uses the information you submit to personalize, analyze and improve our Services. GenomeBuddy plans to offer personalized recommendations based on users who have decided to participate in research that may share similar traits as you.

These services are optional and you, the User, reserves the right to participate in research or personalized recommendation services.

GenomeBuddy relies on analytics in order to improve the user experience and find new customers. GenomeBuddy uses third-party ad exchanges and platforms to target ads.

GenomeBuddy  sends emails to notify users regarding the status of their order and also emails to promote upcoming new products or services provided by GenomeBuddy or its company Bowhead Health Inc. (users may unsubscribe).

Research Opt-In

GenomeBuddy understands that some users may want to participate in advancing research and as such we will update these terms of use to reflect the option to submit anonymous health data.

We will not use your genetic information or data derived from your genetic information unless you specifically authorize in a clear manner. GenomeBuddy will need your express permission before using your genetic data for any additional research.

Acquisition Event

If GenomeBuddy is acquired the information will be passed on to the new entity. You will also be informed via email notice. Your genetic information remains yours because only you hold the private keys (12 words) to unencrypt the information.

Information from GenomeBuddy

GenomeBuddy is owned by Bowhead Health Inc., which develops a healthy habits application for iOS and Android, and is also launching a wellness dispensing device. A part or all of your information may be shared across the company, or its subsidiaries to offer you services or market new products that we hope you find interesting. You will be able to unsubscribe to these emails.   

Right to share your information

We may share your submitted information if it is necessary to comply with a legal process. However, if the genetic data is no longer stored in the laboratory it may not be possible unencrypted the information (since we do not store the decryption keys).

We may share your information to protect the security and integrity of GenomeBuddy’s Service.

GenomeBuddy may share your information to protect the rights, safety and property of GenomeBuddy employees or users.

GenomeBuddy Account deletion

Please email “account delete” in the subject line with your email address to:

Privacy Administrator

Anonymous genetic/health information that has previously been shared expressly for research cannot be deleted.

Parent’s Notice

GenomeBuddy does not intend to market to people under the age of 18. Parent’s may however decide to collect samples and process with GenomeBuddy’s Services. However, Parents assume the full responsibility of storing their children’s recovery seeds in a secure place and that the information is accurate.

Updating of Privacy Policy

Please visit for the most up to date version of the privacy policy. We reserve the right to update this policy, so please check back frequently. Any material change to this policy will be sent via email to all users who have previously accepted with the option of continue using the service or delete their GenomeBuddy account. Non-material changes will be updated on the link above with a notice on the website.