How GenomeBuddy’s DNA Kit can Help you Optimize Your Health Goals

How GenomeBuddy’s DNA Kit can Help you Optimize Your Health Goals

DNA tests are commonly known for discovering ancestry insights and revealing family trees. Not only does this analyze whether you are neanderthal or not, we are now able to optimize a personalized diet and exercise based on your unique genetic profile. No two people share the same DNA (unless you’re a twin) and a diet that works for you, might not work for someone else.

Too many of us are familiar with the frustration of yo-yo dieting; where you follow a rigid meal plan that works short-term, you lose handle and re-gain or worse, pack on more weight than you originally had when you started the diet. The Genome Buddy Kit is designed to detect snips of your DNA and how your body responds to metabolism, food sensitivities, Body Mass Index (BMI), weight, hunger, vitamins and fitness outcomes. The results will give you insights to take action steps to ultimately live a healthier and improved quality of life.

For example, someone whose DNA coding has a change in the ADRB2 gene may make carbohydrates result in obesity. Therefore, the recommendation tailored for this gene carrier is to eat fewer carbohydrates in their diet in order to decrease the risk of obesity. Research done the University of Trieste and the IRCCS Burlo Garofolo Institute for Maternal and Child Health found that a group following a personalised diet based on their DNA test had best results and lost 33% more weight than the controlled group over two years.

Additionally, assessment into exercise and training is given based on specific gene variants to help manage or lose weight long-term. The predisposition to excel at a type of exercise such as moderate endurance training is influenced by three gene variants of LIPC, whereas another gene variant might suggest no benefit.

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