Empower Your Everyday Choices and Get Insights about Your DNA with Genome Buddy

Empower Your Everyday Choices and Get Insights about Your DNA with Genome Buddy

Whether it sparks a curiosity of heritage or a trait as obvious as our eye colour, our DNA makes up who we are and unravels how our body responds to dietary, exercise and lifestyle choices. The at-home genetic test has grown in popularity over the past few years to even make space in the marketplace for the genetic insights on your canine.

As the friendly neighborhood Spider Man famously said, “with great power comes great responsibility.” We’ve learned firsthand from influential corporations, such as Facebook, where this becomes an issue and users’ data become compromised. The same cautionary tale applies to your personal genome information, where the last thing you want is a massive search engine selling your health data to another corporation without your approval.

The Bowhead Health team is proud to introduce Genome Buddy -a wellness test where your health data is secured and controlled by only you. Genome Buddy is designed with military grade encryption, and does not share your health information with a third party company to ensure your privacy.

How it works

Step 1: Order online through our website.

Step 2: Provide a sample of your saliva in our collection kit at home.

Step 3: Send the sample back in a pre-paid envelope.

Step 4: Sequence DNA at our partner’s lab where we encrypt the results

Step 5: Ready to access results where only you can unlock using your private key.

Step 6: Genome Buddy App will provide an easy to read report that helps you discover DNA insights about your wellness, diet and lifestyle.

What traits will you be learning about through the DNA test?

Our team has partnered with a CLIA-certified lab in San Diego, CA to deliver personalized insights from your DNA that affect how your body interacts with dietary choices and vitamins to what workout routines suit you best.

  • Alcohol sensitivity
  • Caffeine sensitivity
  • Lactose intolerance
  • Gluten intolerance
  • Taste sensitivities
  • Injury predisposition
  • Response to dietary fat
  • Hunger susceptibility
  • Endurance vs. strength responses
  • Response to exercise
  • Fat metabolism
  • Vitamin A absorption
  • Vitamin B6 absorption
  • Exercise recovery response
  • Vitamin B9 absorption
  • Vitamin B12 absorption
  • Vitamin C absorption
  • Omega 3 & 6 metabolism
  • Muscle power
  • And a lot more…..

Sign up to receive your Genome Buddy kit here and unlock your true potential for a healthier and happier life.