Own Your DNA, with Genome Buddy

Own Your DNA, with Genome Buddy

2018 was a booming year for the affordable at-home DNA tests and for good reason considering how far we’ve come - from expensive, tedious testing to a simple, affordable cheek swab (or a graceful spit into a test tube depending on the company). The number of people getting at home DNA tests will continue to rise. It is projected that by 2021 more than 100 million people will have their DNA analyzed and tested.

Recently, at home DNA testing has come under scrutiny due to many of these companies offering services with lack of regulation and privacy-trade off agreements. The sharing of private health information is an extreme breach of trust that could affect the users in a considerable way. Here at Genome buddy we make it our priority to not only only help you with your health, but also creating a health data system that only you control. We do this by having some of the most secure networks, as well as never releasing your private information unless consent is given. We believe the biography of your genetic history is valuable data and the custodian of your DNA property should be you and only you.

It is Genome Buddy’s mission to act transparently and offer insights into your genome without sacrificing your health information privacy. We will not use your personal information or data derived from your genetic information unless you specifically authorize it. We understand some users will want to share their information for research purposes. Taking that into account, Genome Buddy will require your express written and informed consent before using your genetic data for any research use.

How will Genome Buddy keep your data safe?

We ensure you have control of your information by storing it on the blockchain. Genome Buddy uses Ethereum's cryptography. This refers to the distribution of information and how it's stored on different servers for your ultimate security.

When you create a Genome Buddy account on your phone or computer, a 12-word backup phrase associated to your information is generated in order to access and recover your account. It is important you write the 12-word phrase down and store it safely because if you lose them, we are unable to decrypt the information. You can always see your backup phrase if you go to Menu > Display Backup Phrase. Your genetic information remains yours because only you hold the private keys (12 words) to access the information.

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